Our ambassador

Max Pacioretty, Captain of the Montreal Canadiens is the proud ambassador of Spiffy Bakeshop. As a professional athlete with a love for food and an intolerance to gluten, Max knows how important it is to adopt and enjoy a gluten free lifestyle. Furthermore, Max genuinely believes in the Spiffy Bakeshop New Gluten Free Holistic Movement and wants to encourage everyone to join in and benefit from eating good food.

Spiffy all the way

As a professional athlete, Max Pacioretty appreciates the importance of diet on health and performance. He also knows that avoiding gluten is not enough to be healthy. He believes in Spiffy Bakeshop products as he knows that they are free from gluten, GMO’s and preservatives, but that they are full of ancient grains, whole grains and pulses which provide key nutrients. Although Spiffy bread is nutritious, Max wouldn’t stand behind it if it wasn’t delicious. The dynamic portfolio of flavours allow Max and his family to enjoy a gluten free lifestyle without compromising on taste.

A genuine partnership

An  active member of our Spiffy Bakeshop team, Max is not shy to let us know his opinion. He works with us to design new products, improve existing ones and develop innovative gluten free recipes. Look out for Max Pacioretty’s favourites!

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